No problem, yeah, you bet.

I thought running a little stitching around the edges of the fused pieces would be quick and easy. After all, thought I, how could anything so little be difficult? I really don't have much machine experience, so how could it be easy? You have to put the time in, just like anything else. So here is what I did: I played on scrap fabric first then I put my block under the needle, sewed, unsewed, changed feet, sewed, unsewed, etc. When I finally got the hang of sew two, pivot, sew two pivot, I was thinking perhaps doing it by hand would, in fact, be quicker. But then I am in this to learn NEW things, right? I just have to keep practicing. I have to admit the practice flowers look better enhanced with a little stitching; even if it is not so good stitching.

Can you believe all the blogs out there with perfect needlework? Something is up with that......


bigstarbig said…
I think your machine stitching looks really good.
The first piece I did by machine got trashed.
It is very hard but practice, practice.
Love, Mom
katie said…
Looks good to me.