Woo Wee QE First Stitches

Not one to waste sewing time, I stitched up my Atlanta Unity Church Quilters' Mystery Clue #2 as I test drove my new machine. Pictured is my guess what the final mystery quilt design might be and the backing fabric I may use. Only problem when sewing, among many, many wondrous delights, was my quarter inch seam is a little too fat. When I go to K.C in June (see Primitives of the Midwest), I will see about getting the foot with the quarter inch guide, along with the magnifying accessory, from the vendor there. Here is a link to a blogger who writes about her Bernina Aurora 450 QE.


WoolenSails said…
I have the sewing star foot, but haven't tried it too much.
I wanted to be able to do edge and blanket type stitches with it.