Big Ticket Saturday

I did it! I got a new machine. Of course, right now it is "just" a Wren-ornamented box on my office floor. That is because I am too exhausted to clean up my sewing room to be worthy of a new sewing machine. I will sort things out in the morning and reward myself with an excursion into Bernina-land! It has to be better than the land-of-loopy I got trying to free-motion quilt on my old-but-still-great-for-straight-stitch New Home. This is the first machine I've ever purchased, and I did it with the grow-into-it philosophy of machine purchasing. Let's hope this decision is a winner (I think it is).


WoolenSails said…
Congrats on the new sewing machine.
What type did you get? Mine does all sorts of things, will take me a lifetime to figure it out;)

Wren sure likes to be in the thick of things.

katie said…
Way to go Karmen, I'm sure you will love it, all the gals I know that have one sure do.