Sewing Companion

Wren likes to hang out on my sewing table. She is not doing all that well jumping on and off of things (like tables) yet because of the one-sided sight and the fancy collar, but she dreams of being outside enjoying nature. We can take her collar off Monday, but there is no way I'm letting her out on her own. Maybe she can go out in a harness and leash? I know better than to say she could be walked. She would have to walk me. At any rate, I have a really sweet sewing room companion.


WoolenSails said…
Cats love sewing rooms, haven't had one yet, that didn't, lol.
It doesn't matter where the kitties are, if I open that door, they come flying in, before I can close the door.

She looks like a tuxedo, they have great personalities.

katie said…
I'm happy she is doing so well.I had a room mate once that had a tuxedo cat. He would sit on the couch like a human and cross his paws and sit them on the arm of the couch. He was so cool.