It's that birthday time of the year

I had lunch with Eron at Ted's Montana Grill in Forsyth County and the food was super-delicious! It was Eron's (29th) birthday lunch; Crit was out of town, so Eron and I walked around The Avenue Forsyth afterwards. I said good-bye to Eron and drove over to the part of the mall that had JJill, but I also discovered 10,000 Villages where I treated myself to the trivet and leather-handled basket in the picture above. I like the store's concept: marketing handmade things from around the world. If you can tell from the picture, the trivet is out of twisted newspaper. They also had some beautiful reverse applique flanged pillow shams that were a nice butterscotch on yellow. Oh yeah, and a mother-of-pearl button covered silk purse to die for. I love the earthiness of their products.
I am pretty sure Wren missed me. I was supposed to stay home and cut fabric all day, since I have two classes next Saturday. I am taking a machine-quilting class (Peggy Barkle) and a T-shirt quilt class, so I will be at the Patchwork Cottage on Sugarloaf all day next Saturday. I will let you know how it goes. I am excited about the machine class because I will be using my own machine. I need to know what I can do with my own machine before making the decision to invest in a new one.


Gretchen said…
Hi! I just found your blog through Karin's blog. I travel in the same circles too! I'll add your blog to my Google reader and will look forward to reading all about a fellow local quilter and a really cute rescue kitty (I have 4 quilt helpers myself!)
katie said…
I don't know how much Wren missed you but it does look like she was dreaming about you.
Looks like you had a great afternoon of browsing. How can you have a child that old?

Aunt Katie
WoolenSails said…
I would like to take some classes with my machine, but they are all geared for embroidery and fancy things. The prim shops use different machines, so will have to teach myself. I saw a new foot to use with couching and yarns and think that would be fun to do.