Mystery Quilt Pieces Cut

I worked a little on Millie last night while consuming my Valentine candy. AC did good this year: Spa Sydell certificate and 2 pralines and 4 Godiva white chocolates. I had told him I like white chocolate, so he stayed with white; inside and out. They were kinda boring, plus no benefits like dark chocolate, so I am switching back. Today I worked on the Tula Pink "Nest." I am to the point that I need the dark brown fabric. I am going to Intown Quilts next weekend, so I'll see what they have. I cut out the fabric I decided on for the mystery quilt we are doing in the Atlanta Unity group. I'm getting excited about it, but we don't meet again for a couple of weeks.
Oh, and I would like to add that the spring came off my Martelli rotary cutter. AGAIN...I thought I would mention it, since they will probably be at the Sewing and Quilt Expo next month. The cutter, red, with an ergonomic handle, is wonderful when it stays together, but a terrible danger when the spring comes off (there is no way to close the blade).