More Millie

I began working on my next Millie block, and I put the center medallion in the second block. I picked up the wrong block to do as #3 (according to the pattern), but it is okay to go out-of-order. I wasn't sure if I liked the colors I chose, but taking a picture of the blocks on the design wall makes me think they are just fine. The more blocks that get done, the better I like it. This block got a touch of orange. I hadn't really wanted to do that, but it just happened. Two of the "girls" in the applique class are working on a Princess Feather design by "Glorious Color." Take a look; I was blown away when I saw the pattern. I believe I would try fusing on that one. Also, what do they mean "starter fabric pack?" Seems like a lot of money for a kit.


WoolenSails said…
Your quilt is going to be beautiful. I think I figure out how to use your transparency trick with mine. I will make a template and overlay it and see how off I am;) Then if it is not too bad, I can fix the last part and get it on right. Otherwise, I will start over.

katie said…
Millie is going to be beautiful when it is finished. love all the colors.
I've not seen Bandit paw the air when sleeping, but yes he sure can snore.