Saturday, January 31, 2009

Must See Video

Please watch "Art I Want You" from YouTube. Adam, you especially...

The Other White Blooms

These are the other white blossoms in my life. From left to right: Rocky, Rosebud and Scooter.


Here is a picture of one of the paperwhite blooms from my kitchen. I love growing these! They are so easy. This year though, I purchased the bulbs from an internet vendor, and the leaves have a fungus. The vendor has requested pictures of the damaged leaves. I am glad they care about the quality of their product.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chomp, Chomp (Millie Update)

I REALLY need to put Millie away and work on something else. I need a sense that I accomplish something with my weekend, and between housework, errands and Millie, nothing seems "finishable." Here is what I have: just small snippets sewn when I have a free minute. Notice the bottom left corner is done with the exception of the portion of the center medallion it shares. I am taking a break to have some kind of relaxation with hubby.
Oh yeah, we did go see a movie yesterday. I highly recommend "Gran Torino" with Clint Eastwood. Highly recommend.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Scooter Update

I took Scooter to the doctor. Of course he was a wild man when I got there, so she couldn't see him limp. When she examined him she thought perhaps he could have a strain in his left shoulder. We have some anti-inflammatory medication to give him, and we will see if it isn't better soon. It could also just be a little arthritis. Yes, I know what that is like. I either have to sit or walk, but standing still absolutely kills me.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It was just random...

The picture today is of the next top I need to baste and quilt. I have selected, from my stash, a black and white homespun for the back, but I don't have quite enough of it, so I am going to border it with the same fabric that borders the front. I am not sure I have enough of it either. I will spend time this weekend figuring all that out. Meanwhile I am not sure if something is wrong with Scooter, my oldest Maltese dog. He is the one in my profile photo. He is 11 years old now, and he is kinda, sorta limping (sometimes), but I cannot find anything wrong. He seems to be sleeping alot and doesn't want to play like he used to. Do I just figure his joints ache sometimes due to age, or should I take him in? His "limp" is like a hop. It is hard to describe.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nelson-Atkins Postcards

One of my favorite places on Earth is the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. Here are a few of the postcards I have collected over the years (ignore McCain in the corner) and have on the bulletin board in my office. Thomas Hart Benton's "Persephone" is the prominent one in the picture. If you have never been to the Nelson-Atkins, no matter where you live, it is worth the trip. Have lunch and plan to spend the day.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Eating the Elephant Called Aunt Millie

I started a needle-turn applique class yesterday at Intown Quilts. We will be doing Aunt Millie's Flower Garden by Piece-Of-Cake designs. OMG what have I gotten myself into now? And WHY? Needle turn is my least favorite technique even though I like applique well enough. I worked on block 1 last night and most of the day today. You can see how painfully slow this is going to be for me. I keep repeating to myself: "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time... and this elephant's name is Millie." The first picture is with the positioning overlay down, and the second picture is with the positioning overlay up. Like I said, this is gonna be a long project for me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rail Fence Done!

I completed the rail fence quilt that I started at the church quilter's meeting. Last meeting we (the Unitized Quilters) decided that the red fabric would be best for the binding. I think it was a good choice. I finished the label last night, but cannot reveal it until after I have given it to the person to whom it is dedicated, and she cannot have it until after the next Spirited Quilters meeting. I really like earning beads for my nametag!