Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who's that?

Nope, this isn't Kitten (note it has TWO eyes).  This is a kitty I found at an apartment complex.  The story I got from the folks there is that he/she (?) "has been around a long time," "someone moved and left him/her" (?), "everyone in the building feeds it," and "here Mittens." The last was from a heavy black woman in culinary attire.  She kept calling the cat, but totally ignored me.
He/she is really big, and not too underweight.  Actually pretty good for such a large frame. And the fur was glossy though filled with pine pollen.  Can you see the fangs?  I am not kidding; just like a saber toothed tiger. The kitty drooled a bit.  Perhaps because of the teeth, but maybe because of illness.
I couldn't bring it home.  (Insert the many reasons here.) I hate when people abandon their pets, and I believe it would be better off at a shelter than left in a parking lot.


katie said...

I will never understand why people think pet are throw away/leave behind when they are no longer cute kittens. They don't know what they are missing do they. Thankful she/he isn't being starved.

WoolenSails said...

That is a shame, pets are not throw aways.
I bet he would have made a wonderful pet for someone if they had had the brains to take him to a shelter.


TWhite said...

Poor kitty, I agree if you can't be a responsible pet owner don't ever get a pet! You're right it might be sick and I wouldn't have taken it in either. I have seen so many dead cats in the road this spring and it makes me sad and see red!