Friday, September 27, 2013

Looking for a Lift

Flowers I buy for myself.
I don't feel like blogging; I've had a difficult time lately. Girlfriends letting me down and not finding anyone to attend events with me. I was given tickets to the golf championship at East Lake, I had an extra ticket to a play, and I have a second ticket to the ballet tomorrow. No takers. Makes me feel mighty unpopular and just a hint (understatement) lonely. 
Vintage sewing machine I took to Goodwill.
My husband used to follow me around like a puppy, so I at least had an escort. I understand people have their own lives to live and their own habits; I certainly did while he was alive. 
Cobwebs in my brain and yard.
Watching the Georgia Bulldogs football games alone is not fun. I tryed having dinner at a bar so I could watch a game, but when the other bar flys noticed I was drinking water they seemed a little wary of talking to me. I just wanted company for watching the game: nothing else. Really I am not that much of a football fan, so it is not much loss if I don't turn the TV on or try to find a public venue for watching unless I bring my own friend.
Peaceful companion Joey.
I forget things. A friend at work invited me to the Cotton Pickers Festival in Gay, Georgia. I just called him to see when to meet at the school to drive down there. He reminded me it is next week. So now I am free to do something else tomorrow. Perhaps I will work out (I've been doing real well with swimming and Zumba), or catch up on episodes of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo or Quilting Arts. Serious single-girl fun right (she said sarcastically)?
My Lilly Pulitzer Round-the-World quilt.
Okay, I whined enough. I am attractive, educated, fit and creative. Anyone would be lucky to spend time with me. I just want to be careful. I enjoy my private time and I don't want a clingy friend, nor the wrong kind of attention from men. Honestly, right now I could sock an ill-intentioned man in the face or choke him out (3-5 seconds;  I swear, I've done it before).
Label and back of Lilly quilt above.
I have 5 quilts waiting on binding. I just cut orange binding for a quilt I am making as a surprise. I'll post a photo when I get it finished.
Eron and Meredith Sunshine and the quilt Mom, Linda Brannock, made for them.
Eron and Meredith and my parents share a wedding anniversary. It was the kid's first and my parent's 55th. I managed to forget about both. Talk about feeling like a heel. Aren't the kids (above) just lovely? What do you do to make up for that????
Top right-hand checker block is turned wrong; I've got to fix that.
I started this heart quilt as a gift, but I don't know about that now. I am tired, and I keep starting projects (all types), getting frustrated and upset. I cry too much. I have a grief support group meeting tomorrow.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Long Time; Long Post

I have been staying busy-ish.
 And I had some pre-quilted fabric, so I covered two sofa pillows.
 I got the little girl quilt back from the quilter, so I bound it.
 My quilting friends liked the back more than the front.
 The pink fabric I found at a garage sale, plus the quilting design, made the quilt adorable. Kali liked it, and her mother sent me a photo of her, via text message, curled up on it.
 At Mom's house I started a new project that involved a bunch of little squares (you may have seen them in a previous post).
 The center motif is made up of seven florals surrounded by hexagons. I have nearly three done. 

 Atlanta has had a woefully rainy summer. That's why we don't have any locally grown tomatoes this year. People told me gardening was an exercise in futility. I have such awful water problems in my yard. Below is a photo of the gutter I banged on with a broomstick while standing in the rain, on a table, in an effort to dislodge a clog. Epic fail. (update: months later--landscaper Ada found a tennis ball stuck in it). 
So today I am trying to turn 12 placemats my Mother's friend made for her, out of Brannock-Patek Moda fabric, into a quilt.
 After sewing 8 inches, and then ripping it out, my Bernina started making a grinding sound. Fail again.
The night before last I dreamed my husband didn't die and he was standing in our closet wondering where his clothes went. And last night I didn't fall asleep until 3 a.m. because I was scared I'd have another haunting dream.
This afternoon I think I will go to the gym and beat the holy hell out of the heavy bag.