Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sunny in Atlanta

Joey found a sunny place in the kitchen this morning while I did chores (fixed the lights in both garage door openers). He will pose for a hundred photos. 

This is a picture of the awful stitching from the Bernina.
I was cruising along; then I turned my work over to the back. Bad, bad, bad. 
I got the machine back from repair yesterday but have not given it a test drive.  I am sure it will be fine now. 

This is Joe watching me leave (Kitten is in the crate in the background) to have lunch with Adam at Pappadeaux. Sadly he and his wife are separated, so I want to get more information about the situation. Then tonight is dinner at Tam's Backstage and Steel Magnolia's at the Cumming Playhouse. I have been looking forward to this show for several  weeks. Color me spoiled this weekend. Maybe I'll sew tomorrow?