Saturday, August 24, 2013

Work Week

This was a no sewing week; the students came back to school, so my work week was very busy.
The week culminated, Friday, in an appointment with a malpractice attorney. I had slept very little the night before (from 4 a.m. until 6 a.m.), since I was typing up everything I could remember from my husband's hospital stay.
Reliving the experience as I typed, and again at the attorney's office plus the lack of sleep made for an exhausting day.
I treated myself to a nice salad, and some beautiful roses which I can enjoy for the weekend.
I don't know how the legal thing will work out. It doesn't sound too promising, but the attorney wants to investigate the situation a little deeper before he tells us if we have a case. So now I am "involved" with three attorneys.
Pat Wys said, at the Stitch-In, that she was going to find me an attorney. I said "I already have enough." She said "no, that's not what she meant." She meant a single attorney. Oh, dear, I don't want any of my friends getting me into trouble. I promised AC (my husband) a year.
And I meant it.


Libby said...

Hoping that the legal dealings are resolved fairly and easily for you.

WoolenSails said...

I hope the lawyers can take care of things and let you have some closure.


Kris said...

Good luck....I sure hope you can find some satisfaction and some peace.

joanne said...

reliving this over and over can only be dreadful for you and a stress that you don't need. I hope it is something that can be resolved quickly so you can move forward and put those awful memories where they belong. Remember the good times and laugh when you can, it can only help right?