Saturday, April 28, 2012

African fabric yo-yos

Two weeks in a row a co-worker brought beautiful flowers to my office for me, my staff and the students to enjoy. I buried my nose in them every chance I could.  The lavender one with the crimson edges was my my favorite, but each had an original scent; some were citrusy, some quite rosey, but the lavender one reminded me of patchouli.

Last weekend was Thimbles, so I grabbed the shoe boxes of yo-yos I'd made a while back and set to sewing them together.
There were a bunch of them!
Assembly line.
And finally finished:
I loaned the finished piece to a friend to take with her when she teaches a yo-yo class. 
I found myself lusting after Toccoa's Juki.  I think I will look into what they cost. Lisa Bongean sews on a Juki too, so I figure they must be good; two of the best quilters I know use them.
And Julie has this fabric combination waiting for her at her workspace.  Dang.  It is good looking fabric!
That's it for me today.
Go bury your nose in some roses!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Forty years to a finish

When I started putting together the layers for this quilt.  I thought oh dear this is not going to be square. I worried should I take it all apart and start the piecing over?
I could not do that.  I would be taking out stitches put in by my great Grandmother Mae Stella Irvin (B 1898).
These furrow rows were put together while she was in her 80s, and while they aren't straight, they are hers.  I left her work alone and finished it the best way I knew how.
Mae Stella Irvin with a quilt she completed probably in the 1970s.
So I started stitching last weekend, and I finished today.
I used the shamrock fabric I found around St Pat's Day, and pulled the back to the front to create a self binding.  The shamrocks are perfect! My great Grandmother married a second generation American, since her husband's (Frank Irvin's) grandfather was one of the first Irish immigrants to settle in the Qzarks of Missouri.
I think she would love it!
I hope so.

The love is what matters.  I am so lucky to have something of hers and to finish it for her.