Friday, September 28, 2012

Great Fun Friday

I had lunch at Cafe Sunflower with a friend who showed me his mother's quilts.
 I love this one the most. To me it shows a sense of humor and a delight in color.
 I love her fabrics. Leroy told me some of these were shirts, and others were pajamas.
This yellow one still had the pencil lines from her marking for hand quilting.
This is probably the best cathedral window quilt I have ever seen in person.
The "muslin" frames were of a very high quality dense smooth cotton I'd never touched before, and the quilt was very heavy.
You cannot help but play I Spy.
Too much fun.
And such a lovely quilt!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Not together

But look what is visiting me: 
 What a lovely butterfly!
I was lucky enough to get two good shots.
Now I need to concentrate; the wedding is tomorrow, and I need to get stuff rolling. 
I am lucky enough to be mother-of-the groom, so you'd think I could just show up and have fun, but I am also mother of the groomsmen (two of them at least), and one of them is a rouge entity. We don't know where he is most of the time, nor what he is doing. I purchased his shirt, pants, socks, belt and shoes for the wedding, but he has not tried any of it on. I even had the Brooks Brothers pants hemmed on a guess of how long they should be. It is his own fault if he has high-water pants and too big/small shoes tomorrow. 
But I am sure we will all have a great time. 
(Sorry about the bugs, Mom; I have not been sewing.)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Wrap Up

It's the end of summer 2012. Time to put away the white pants and shoes, dig out the woolens (except for us allergic types), and buckle down to studies (or work for us contracted souls). I took Friday all for myself and wandered across town for the monthly meeting of the East Cobb Quilter's Guild.
Georgia 400 bridge over the Chattahoochee River.
 After the meeting I took a wrong turn, and, me being me, decided to follow where ever the lane took me. This being Atlanta, how lost could I get? You eventually run into a major highway, and sometimes you even find yourself under a major highway.
 I stopped at the park near the water to stretch my legs and let my little owls enjoy the dappled light and rush of the water. I didn't go for a walk though; there were too many men sitting in their cars. It was a little creepy.
(Insert floral photos here to lighten the mood.)
 The seeds I thought I started too late are providing me with new blooms daily. Above are the moonflowers.  I love them.
 The cosmos are putting out lots of hearty color.
And when I parted the zinnias and cosmos I found my first morning glory blossom!
(and now resume chatter about Friday)
 Speaking of flowers (nice transition tee hee), I saw this beautiful lilac cardigan in the JJill catalog and I knew I'd seen a similar flower, so I looked at my stash of Brannock & Patek Lilac Hill line, and there it was! I just had to have the sweater, so, also on Friday, I found myself near The Forum in Duluth and popped into the JJill shop. Sorry. I have to say it was not so pretty in person. The Brannock & Patek fabric is way more beautiful! (I liked the buttons on the sweater, just not $100 worth of like.)
 (I have to have a cat picture in my post.) Mr. Joe (Joseph James Vanzetti a.k.a Joey or JJ) keeps working on getting out of the house. He has found a quiet (no yapping Maltese) place under the shrubs in the front yard. I don't let him stay out though; he has to come in when I do.
(And I have to do SOMETHING with fabric!)
My darling new daughter-in-law asked me to teach her how to crochet, since she needs something to do while she and Adam are running around. I found a regular crochet hook and some yarn for her and did my best to show her how after I'd reviewed a YouTube video. (I am not a crochet-person even though I've made a couple of rugs using the technique; I only know the basics.)