African fabric yo-yos

Two weeks in a row a co-worker brought beautiful flowers to my office for me, my staff and the students to enjoy. I buried my nose in them every chance I could.  The lavender one with the crimson edges was my my favorite, but each had an original scent; some were citrusy, some quite rosey, but the lavender one reminded me of patchouli.

Last weekend was Thimbles, so I grabbed the shoe boxes of yo-yos I'd made a while back and set to sewing them together.
There were a bunch of them!
Assembly line.
And finally finished:
I loaned the finished piece to a friend to take with her when she teaches a yo-yo class. 
I found myself lusting after Toccoa's Juki.  I think I will look into what they cost. Lisa Bongean sews on a Juki too, so I figure they must be good; two of the best quilters I know use them.
And Julie has this fabric combination waiting for her at her workspace.  Dang.  It is good looking fabric!
That's it for me today.
Go bury your nose in some roses!


The roses are beautiful - the lavender ones have always been my favorite and you don't see them often. Thanks for sharing!
WoolenSails said…
Love the shades in the flowers and the shades in your yo you.

Those are some gorgeous roses. And the homegrown ones actually have a scent, compared to the florist ones which usually don't.
Margaret said…
Yikes that is a lot of yo yos, They came up well from the description that you gave of the material. ( we use funny English - came up well ) Oh dear !