Sunday, August 28, 2011

This weekend

I've spent most of this weekend sleeping off a three day migraine.  I am not sure what triggered it: perhaps tension, maybe salt or could it have been that chocolate bar?  I'll never know, but I did get some sewing done since my last post.
I chose some fabrics from my stash to finish the last round of the Lisa Bongean Vintage Nine project I'd started a couple of years ago.
Ta-da.  Finished stitching on the last row at Thimbles last Friday.
I think I will use this limey green and tan brushed cotton check for the backing.
Mary Ellen Von Holt from Little Quilts visited Thimbles; she had some charm packs of Curio by Moda's Basic Grey . Seriously yummy.  I bought all four charm packs, and, since I love the Vintage Nine pattern so much, I started a new one yesterday.
Never mind it has taken me three years to NOT finish the first one.
I just needed to stitch, and I already had a pack of coordinating wool bits for the flowers. It made sense to me at the time.
And I spied this pattern on a website (scroll down the page to see it); just had to have it.  Don't you know I cannot wait to start it.  Hey, what about my UFO list for guild?  Shoot!  I will have to make a list of priorities.
Little Jojo doesn't have a problem setting priorities.  He plays hard and just crashes whenever and wherever he needs to. That's what I call freedom.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Still plugging along

Kitten helps me put the last border on Vintage 9 Patch (pattern/wool kit by Lisa Bongean). Vintage 9 is number one on my 2011 UFO list.
She picks her favorite block.  Red, of course, she always picks red if black and white are unavailable.
Little Jojo has staked his claim on the ugly orange thing (number 2 on my 2011 UFO list).
Looks like Sunday is good for snoozing around here.
We have made good progress on making everyone friends.
Jojo goes nose to nose with Rosebud.
It appears we have a peaceable kingdom.
Kitten makes sure Jojo knows his place, and he gives her a wide berth, so as not to disturb her rule.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Computer trouble

I am afraid I will be bumped off the internet at any time.  Perhaps it is time for a newer computer?  Apple this time?  Or maybe dump ATT DSL?  I am not sure what I am going to do.  Another thing taking up my time, and making typing difficult, is this little green-eyed grey flannel kitty we are calling Jojo. 
He is such a lovable little purr box!
We (Jojo and I) are working on the Vintage Nine Patch quiltlet I started a couple of years ago.  It is number one on my declared UFO list for 2011.
I may not have enough of the vintage fabric to make the final round because so many of the blocks I made at first were off, so I needed to practice making some.  The practice yielded this little project.
I was going to square it up by wacking off the yellow blocks until I realized that would make bias all the way around the edge of the top.  Oops! Darn, so that is why you cut the side and corner pieces out.  You gotta be on the straight of grain on the side.
I have been a little distracted trying to keep up with this little fur ball.  I think I am totally in love with him.  Sorry Kitten. 
We're gonna keep him.