Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finished Border on the Fan Quilt

I finished the borders on the Fan Quilt.
Ahhh.  I like looking at it.
The fabric is delish. I love buying kits; I could never put these fabrics together on my own!
Kitten has a new collar, but try as I might, I could not get her photogenic side(the side with the eye) and the little tiny buttons on the collar in the same frame.  Maybe next time.
Did I say I was going to Mom's?  I should be there now.  I discovered I can write a series of blog entries and then have them post while I am at work, or even at Mother's.  So I wrote this Sunday when I had time, but you should see it on Thursday.  I love learning new things!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bulloch Hall Quilt Show Ends Today

The Quilt Show at Bulloch Hall ends today at 4:00 p.m.
You can purchase a CD of the quilts.  I took a few snapshots while I was there.
I love this string quilt.  The colors are soft and muted.
I was just loving the punch of purple in this beautiful quilt.
Here is an Around the World wall hanging.  

Below is a close up of Diane Berdis' quilt.  It is just so gorgeous!
My quilt is draped at the foot of the bed in the "Mittie" room.
The attendant said they had it draped better earlier in the day, but some folks were asking questions about the fabric and had wanted to see the back, so it got un-draped.  Here is a better picture taken in Mom's backyard (double click if you want to see it closer):

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sewing Expo and a Baby Quilt

I kept thinking about this Kaleidoscope Smart-Plate ruler thing Peggy McIntire demonstrated at her booth during the Cotton Patch Quilter's show, so when I saw her again at Atlanta's Sewing Expo in Gwinnett, I bought one.  I had good intentions.  I wanted to make a baby quilt to practice the technique before I made a big one for one of my boys.
I had forgotten I needed to make a bunch of half square triangles first.  I don't have much experience with HST, so I used the Tiger Tape I'd bought a while back.  I kept veering onto and away from the sides of the tape until I finally got up and got my reading glasses.  The reading glasses were a key ingredient to sewing straight alongside the edges of the tape.  I am sure I did better with the tape than I would have done without it, and ever so much better with the glasses on.
I was sewing outside, since the weather is beautiful and the pups and Kitten wanted to be outdoors.
Kitten kept wanting to run off, so we went back inside after the HST to lay the design out.  I decide I liked the HST and I would try the fancy Kaleidoscope tool later.  I feel like I need to be watched when I use the tool so I don't bung up my fabric.  Besides, I want to get this quilt done quickly.
Kitten was a wee too feisty, so she had to stay in another room while I put the blocks together.  The blocks are big.  I wanted them that way.  Sixteen inch blocks are fast. The piecing was done last night, but today I decided I need pure white batting and I don't have any.  Quilting will wait.  And I think I need the brightest lime green I can find for the binding.
It's a cheerful little ditty!
Don't forget Bulloch Hall Quilt Show is this week.  I intend to go Friday to get some pictures.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

How many lives does Kitten have left?

I love my sweet Kitten.

I worked on the fan quilt last night.  I got two of the columns put together.
See the little bit of piping on the left.  I sewed that seam three times.  Once without the piping, then once without bobbin thread and then the final time.  I was up really late.
And there are things I would change, if I ever did it over.
And today we delivered Lilly to Bulloch Hall in anticipation of the show that begins on March 12.  This is the first time I've put anything in a show, and the first time, that I can remember, putting on a hanging sleeve. I made sure to put all the pertinent information on an extra label, since the quilt label only has my first name and the quilt name.  I can't wait to the Bulloch Hall decorated up with the quilts!
The basted center seam on the sleeve gets pulled out and then there is plenty of room for whatever hanging mechanism the show uses.  I was told Lilly will not hang, so I didn't need to do the sleeve for this show.  Perhaps she will hang somewhere in the future.
I hope people like her.
Kitten looks okay.  Right?