Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ya Dig?

I sure did this morning.  I dug out a bunch of weeds, turned over the soil, added bone meal and topsoil, then I remembered I had these concrete stars my Dad brought to me when he did his midnight run to bring Grandpa's dresser down from Missouri.  These will greet me when I come home from work.  Perfect!
Dad made the large stars using a form he created (seen below).  The small stars he made using a jell-o mold.  My parents are so talented.  I have been away too long for any talent to rub off on me; I don't think talent is genetically transmitted.  It is absolutely an environmental thing
The heavy lifting in the yard made me really tired.  I don't feel much like sewing even though my design wall reaches out and grabs me every time I pass it.  Oh wait, that's Kitten's paws!  She hides behind the wall and snags my legs when I walk past.  I think she is still nagging me about the pink UFO.


WoolenSails said...

Those stars are a fun way to decorate your front garden area.


Mildred said...

That's a fabulous way to enjoy the stars. Watch out for Kitten!

katie said...

Always loved those stars, didn't know Bob made them . I love the way you have them.

carol said...

Love the stars. I can't believe your father drove from Missouri to your home and turned around and headed back. He's tough. I just returned from West Plains Missouri to WV. I am exhausted. My husband says we traveled over two thousand miles. I didn't count.