Friday, November 5, 2010

My sexy new tire got damaged!

Not this tire, but you know, one just like it; round and all.  While I was driving there was a hideous bunch of noise.  I thought I'd gotten a flat, but when I got out and ran my hands over the tires, I found a screw!  NOT supposed to be there.
So I called Seth at Discount Tire by Discover Mills; you know the tire store (if you are in Duluth or Lawrenceville, Georgia):  the one up on the hill next door to Burger King.
 Seth took care of it for me!  I am so glad I bought my tires there.  Not only did I get a great price on my sexy Michelin tires, but the service is unbeatable and delivered with a million dollar smile!
 BUY GOOD TIRES folks!  Roads can be slippery when wet and hydro-planing is NO joke!
(PSA over; back to quilting)
 I got my package of yellow fat quarters from Hancocks Paducah, so I tried three different ones.
Then after work went to J-store and purchased this yellow (below).  The ladies standing in line at the cutting table helped me decide the paler yellow was better.
I am not sure what I am going to do for borders, but I'd better decide fast.  This quilt needs to get done.
 Red first?  Yellow first?  OR Green first?
 Would black be a possible option?
Ugh! I can't decide.  I should sleep on it.  Wait for those magic morning hours!


Mildred said...

Nice to hear that customer service is alive and well in GA!!! I love these fabrics - so cozy!

WoolenSails said...

If you use the pale yellow first, then the black would make a nice border. Otherwise I would go with the green for the outer border or a solid dark green. (Like I know what I am doing, lol)


Kathie said...

green first is my choice!
isn't it great to find great service!
glad he took care of the tire for you

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Sorry about your sexy new tire, but glad everything worked out well.

I love the Irish Chain quilt. I'm thinking green first.

katie said...

I don't think the black fits at all.
I think green, yellow, red.
How nice to have Seth to take care of your tire and with a smile to go with it.

Libby said...

I vote for either the red or green first and leave the black out altogether. I can't believe I'm saying leave out the black . . . I just can't believe it *s*

A Quilter Awakens said...

Thank you all for your help on deciding the borders. I will be doing either red or green first. Karmen