Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just say "no" to more fabric shopping

Mom thought yellow fabric would look good as the border to my Irish Chain project.  I have now spent $70 on yellow.  INSANE!  I bought some online, some at the J-store and yesterday I finally found what I needed at Sew Memorable in Dawsonville.  I think this yellow is "the one."
But first I must tackle the hand quilting on the pink UFO beast I claimed (at Spirited Quilter's guild in Duluth) I would finish this year.  It is due this month, so I trudge on with the finger piercing torture.  I know there are ways to avoid hurting your "underneath" fingers, but there isn't THAT much left to do.  Yea right.  Every time I lay it out to see what's left to stitch, I seem to find more areas that need hand-stitching.  And I lost the quilt design templates, so I am improvising. I may be ruined for hand-quilting forever.  As I type this, I remember where I purchased the fabric.  There was a little quilt shop in south Miami, and I would fly down to see my fiance' (we married in 1979, had three sons, and divorced 17 years later) and visit  the quilt shop. I started this little quilt that year. I need to finish the little pink beast.  It is a mission now.  I must prevail.
Here is the pink monster waiting for my fingers to heal enough to resume:
After Dawsonville, GPS helped me find Betty Sue's Quilt Shop in Flowery Branch.  I bought the cutest pattern there.  What the heck I needed ANOTHER pattern for is beside the point.  If it takes thirty years to finish one little quilt, why on earth would I start another?  But take a look at "Sawtooth Cat" by Janet Miller.  Cute!  I can always dream.

Two of my three pups were cute enough to photograph last night.  Scooter's face is cute in his shorter hair.
And little Rocky always wants some one to scratch his tummy.
This morning the sun was shining on the flame-touched trees across the street.
No Kitten pictures this time.  She is curled up in  a basket in the office closet.  We turned on the heat, but have it set to 62 degrees, so she stays in her favorite cuddle spots.


Kris said...

Lovely...all of it!!

WoolenSails said...

I do like the yellow shade, and can picture how beautiful those will be in an irish chain. I have good self control, I walked out with a half yard yesterday, lol. I did see lots of stuff I want, so will do a shopping trip later.


Becky said...

Great yewllow fabric. Love the texure look. I love the shop in Dawsonville. I've never been to Betty Sue's. I got lost on my one adventure to find it. I'll have to explore again to find it. Have a wonderful Sunday. Hope to see you next weekend at Thimbles! How is your hubby feeling?

Gretchen said...

Well if I need yellow fabric I know who has all of it LOL!!! The dogs are so cute. I may never try hand-quilting; the time involved just doesn't appeal to me. Not to mention the repetition, is it wrong for a quilter not to try hand-quilting? Give Kitten a snuggle for me.

Kim said...

If you can figure out a way to stop buying fabric (or wool) - I would like to know the secret!!

katie said...

sawtooth cat is awesome and will be more so when you make it.

love ya Auntie

Bizarre Quilter said...

Hmmm.. that is a lot of yellow fabric. I think it's time to use your bottom photo as inspiration and applique some Autumnal trees!!