Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh, I love this fabric! And the quilt patterns too!

This is a picture from Hancocks of Paducah's latest catalog.  I love this quilt so much I think I have to buy the kit, since Mom and Jan designed the fabric!  Jan Patek designed the quilts. They are wonderful!
There's even one especially for Christmas.
I love the whole Remembrance collection.  Well, okay, I am partial to the paisleys and florals, but all of them are beautiful! See:
Last weekend I moved furniture around.  It is not enough I have a sewing room; it has gotten crowded, so I iron in the guest bedroom, and sometimes I need an extra machine set up, so I take over the office.  Now I decided to move my desk and design wall into the living room so I can watch TV while I sew.  
Let's see; in two years of quilting I have taken over 4 rooms.  There are only 3 left, if you don't count bathrooms.  When we bought this house I told the fool hubby we needed a basement.  Men should listen the first time we say something 'cause what we need will bite 'em in the ass sooner or later.
Kitten agrees with me of course.

And she is quite content to have me and the TV in the same room.


Kathie said...

love the fabrics too oh boy look at those stars, I love stars!
and the plaid... a line I will need!
what a life kitten has love the last picture she looks so cozy

katie said...

Love that quilt and fabric.
I found a wall hanging pattern the other day I want to make and when I got to looking at it , it has a lot of your mom and Jan's plaids in it from years back.
If you have 3 more room go for it. You need a whole separate building like your mom.

Brenda said...

Great fabric and patterns.

Mary said...

I have loved your Mom amd Jan ever since they came on the quilting scene. I purchased all of their books, patterns and fabric (which I still have).When I was able to take classes with them in Liberty,MO.I was over the moon to meet them and tour their homes. I was blog hopping one day and found your are one lucky gal to have Linda as your Mom! Give her a hug from a big fan in OH.

WoolenSails said...

Love those fabrics, wonderful for all different types of designs.
I am a room stealer too. I have three now and still lots of stuff hidden in the other rooms so I have supplies to grab;)


Ani said...

Thanks for sharing the Remembrance line Karmen, I haven't received my Hancocks catalog... will need to email them to send another, such eye candy!! I had to laugh about the "taking over" of rooms in your home, I know that routine all too well. My family used to say I'd have them all living in the garage if I had my way, then I could fill every room with my varied hobbies and collections! LOL! Best, Ani

carol said...

I thought there was something wrong with me as I seem to be everywhere in my home. I had been seriously talking to myself that I should be like "everyone" organized, in one ROOM. Certainly nothing in my BED and AROUND the BED. PINS are a definite NO NO - this is where the Hubby has DRAWN the LINE. After reading all these bloggers that do such perfect work, I so appreciate that your share "those little quilting challenges." Love the stars and fabric.