Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Update

This WAS my dog Scooter.
This IS my dog Scooter:
After 12 years of monthly grooms, near nightly comb outs, and being bitten a couple of times, I had enough.  After 10 days of Maltese long-coat neglect while I was busy going to the hospital, little Scooter was a matted mess.  My groomer, Claire, thought he didn't look too bad, but when she started to work on him, she called me back and said it was worse than she thought.  I told her not to waste too much time; just pick a plan and go with it.  My husband was the one to pick Scooter-dog up afterwards.  I think the shock was too much; he brought Scooter to my office and stood in the doorway with tears in his eyes saying "this is not my dog."  It was really sad.
But I have to tell you:  I love the dog; not the hair.  Combing him always ended up giving me allergy attacks, and we always had white dog hairs everywhere.  My Dyson "animal hair" vacuum is shot from the hair winding around the rollers.  I am getting little Rocky done this Friday.  We are not going to have Rosebud cut because her little overweight self would be confused with a pot-bellied pig without her long hair.  Besides, she has great hair and doesn't mind being brushed.

I finally got to Thimbles.  I'd missed two months of meetings, so it was wonderful to see the ladies and their projects.  I love seeing Pat, Becky,  Gretchen, Karen, Brenda, SusanKristie, Suzanne, BJ, Elly,  Mercidene, Sarah, Theresa (note: allergic to sunflower seeds), and my table mate Vickie. We had Mary Ellen from Little Quilts as visitor.  She is just a wonderful person with the most fabulous quilt shop!

On the drive home from Grayson, I was delayed by a car accident.  I pulled over into a parking lot and spoke with a woman who had witnessed the whole thing.  A truck had gone speeding through the intersection of GA 20 and Plantation Blvd.  She said three ambulances had been there taking people away.  I wondered if Eron had been there, but I know he can't talk about things like that, so I didn't pry when I spoke to him.

And then I got on the computer at home and see that my middle son, Andy, has been busy in Knoxville this week. He is such a passionate soul. 
Ah well, I have a sinus headache Day 2.
Back to sewing soon.


Kim said...

Scooter is still adorable. Hair will grow back. Sometimes you have to do things like that. You had a lot going on this summer so don't stress about the little things like hair.

Anonymous said...

Karmen it was so glad to see you. Love reading your blog. You and your sewing inspire me. Have a great Sunday. Love Teresa

Gretchen said...

So wonderful to see you!!!! Scooter looks just as cute as before--like a little white lion now. Hair will grow back and he'll be a little cooler and a little less work for awhile. Just a little vacay from brushing right? Hugs and best wishes for the week--hope to see you next month too. Your brown triangle quilt is to die for gorgeous!!!

katie said...

Scooter doesn't look so bad, just different.
Just think of the saved time as sewing time.

WoolenSails said...

My border collie is like that, have to brush at least every other day to keep the undercoat combed out. On occasion, I have to cut some knots out, but long haired breeds are a lot of work.


Sue-Anne said...

Poor Scooter! Did he sulk for a couple of days? I think he still looks very cute and I know you will enjoy the time saved by not having to brush him.

oldgreymare said...


I shave my two cockers every time I can afford to. People then ask me what kind of dogs are they and when I say cockers, they give me that weird look like "what did you do to them?" But Justice and Howie LOVE to be shaved. They skip and jump more, pant less when outside and snuggle more, or maybe we snuggle them more because they feel like velvet.

...and for me SOOOO much less hair,less ear cleaning, you name it!

so I say keep em bald and happy..of course it could be a wee bit longer cut without so much disparity around the face....and scoooter would be gorgeous.


carol said...

Enjoyed the link to Little Quilts Blog. Scooter brought a big smile. He is still adorable. I often come out of the beauty salon and hubby always says it will GROW.

Becky said...

Wonderful sewing with you this weekend! Your miniature Double Wedding Ring is exquisite. Hope that Scooter is getting adjusted to the new "do." Grooming a Pomeranian (spelling?) is why our next choice was a Dachshund. No grooming. Easy bathing. Take care!

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

HA HA HA!!! Love it. I agree, just shave them and stop fighting them.