Saturday, June 27, 2009

And on the Last Day They Feasted

On the way to the Kansas City Farmer's Market, Dad and I saw a sign at a restaurant for pork tenderloin sandwiches, so we decided to have an early dinner in Oak Grove at a place called PTs (PT for pork tenderloin). OMG, I know Missouri is the fried food capital of the U.S., but this was OVER the TOP. The pork fritters were twice the size of the large buns they came on, and the onion rings were nearly two inches thick. I had to ask the waitress if I could take a picture. She (Taylor) was so sweet to pick up the plate of onion rings (we'd already eaten 2) and pose for me.

Friday, June 26, 2009

But I Need a Better Picture

I took this picture of my new quilt, but I am not happy with it (the picture). I just can't capture how beautiful it is! This is Robin, the quilt maker, holding up the quilt at Harper's. Problem is, I didn't know I was going to purchase it, and I didn't have her in the picture with the quilt. How rude of me! Then, when I got it home (to Mom's house), I tried to get a picture on a bed. That didn't turn out well either. I am going to show it at Spirited Quilter's meeting in Duluth on Tuesday. I will eventually get a better picture, so you may get your fill of seeing my new acquisition.

Today at Primitives of the Midwest I had class with Renee Plains. We started on "Flower Shop." I love it, but since I only got one small portion partially done, you will have to see the finished quilt object'dart (not sure about that spelling) in the future. In the afternoon I took class from Stacy Nash and fell in love with cross-stitch all over again.
Below is a project I have been working on in Mom's studio. Tomorrow is my last day here in Missouri. I will miss the freedom to work on my projects and spend time visiting with Mom and Dad.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's up on my vacation?

I came into Kansas City on Sunday. I can't tell the story of why Mom and Dad left me standing at the airport for nearly 5 hours; suffice it to say I was the only one truly traumatized by the experience. Everyone was okay; it was a case of miscommunication which can be easily remedied by cell phone. If all parties have cell phones, that is.

I am in Kansas City for the Primitives of the Midwest gathering. On Monday night we enjoyed listening to Jennifer Keltner, editor of American Patchwork & Quilting at a reception held at Quilter's Station in Lee's Summit. On Tuesday morning I took a class with Renee Plains. We (students Kim from up north and I) worked on a rag doll. I have mine almost completed (it is pictured above). On Tuesday I had an all day class with Lisa Bongean (sharing a table with Linda the Joplin mail carrier). We worked on a beautiful nine-patch quilt with wool embellishment. I will have pictures of that when I get further along with it. Today (Thursday) Mom, Dad and I went out to Harper's where I was able to purchase the quilt I have had in my dreams for a year. I am so glad Robin decided to part with it. I will love it forever! The fabrics and free motion quilting patterns will provide me with inspiration for many years.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Drinking and Quilting (not for old chicks)

This is a picture of me with a friend of mine, Harry. It was taken on Harry's 80th birthday this year. Which brings me to a story about drinking and quilting. Hang with me here; it will make sense in the end. Pat asked if I had a drink while I was free-motion machine quilting. Every machine quilting class I took ended up with us talking about have a glass of this or that to help us relax so the quilting would be more fluid (pardon the pun). One time we even descended into discussion of illegal drug use (but that is not the case in my story). I was at the grocery store with my husband last weekend, and I thought "wow, I should get a beer to help my quilting." I shared my thought with him, and he told me you cannot buy just one beer at a grocery store, and off he went to get me a six-pack. He returned with cans of something or other. "What? Are you kidding?" I said "You expect me to drink beer from a CAN?" So I followed him over to the beer aisle to choose my own beverage. Wow, there are lots of beers. I remember from my drinking days (yeah right) that there were something called "ponies" which were, as I remembered them, small bottles. Well, we couldn't locate anything like that, so after what seemed like an hour, I settled for a six pack of bottles of "lite" something or other. With the 6 nestled in my grocery cart we began the stroll to check out. Then it hit me: what about the medicines I take? You know, all those old age (or lifestlye) related drugs some of us take for blood pressure, depression, or allergies? "Oh yeah," my husband said, "you can't drink with those." So we put the 6 back on the shelf. I guess I will have to use some type of meditation-relaxation technique to free-motion, since I am too old to drink.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Free Motion Baby!

Yes, I have been practicing free motion quilting. And also, yes, I hated what it looked like when I was doing it, but, darn, the result isn't bad....How does that happen? I started this little practice gem in Peggy Barkle's free motion class at Patchwork Cottage. The piece was to be (I thought) a throw away. Then my co-worker, Rachel, had her little baby boy, Giancarlo. That created a mission for me: Finish the baby panel and see what it looks like. I want to remember, next time I do a baby gift, that it takes 3 hours for me hand-stitch the binding down. Perhaps I could use the machine on that too? Duh! The quilt is on its way to Rachel and Giancarlo today. (Happy dance in progress.)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wren's Nest

I was taking a break from practicing machine free-motion quilting, and I couldn't find my Kitten. I searched for my Wren Kitten everywhere and was scared she'd somehow gotten out. But she had found the batting scraps in the basket under the sewing table. She decided they made a good nest in which to nap. I was so relieved to find she'd been right next to me the whole time.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Two Great Things

The first and best great thing is that Mom is home from the hospital and doing well. I will call her tomorrow and talk to her. I didn't like her to talk too much today because it made her cough, and with that incision, well, it just scared both of us. Dad said she was sleeping earlier; a real good thing!

The other great thing is that I made my first-ever-in-my-whole-life pillow with welting! Yes, thanks to encouraging comments from my dear Aunt Katie from Primitive Woolens, Debbie from Woolen Sails and Magnolia Bay Quilts, I decided to tackle the pillow. I had a home decorating book with directions, so I sat down at my new magic sewing machine and I didn't get up until I'd finished. Tomorrow I will get a form for it. I am so happy! I really did it! The Kitten helped all along the way.

The only downside to the pillow experience is that, since I am allergic to wool, I sneezed so much that I got a bloody nose. That cinches it; I'll never join the hooking ranks.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Michelle Pillow Back

The top is done and now the back is done. Do you think I can make a finished pillow? I am intimidated by piping around the edges and making good corners. I think I will leave it for the weekend.